I am putting an Ibook g4 up for the best offer here on you tube,i have a macbook and this ibook i no longer need so you can throw me your best offers and i will let you know if that sounds good or not,i would put it on ebay but the ebay fee’s are rediculous.so let me know your best offers and ill see what i can do.enjoy.. please visit my site at WWW.ADICTED2ARTCLOTHING.COM for a custom shirt……

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apple Ibook G4 for sale
apple ibook g4?

hey guys i cant find an apple ibook g4 for under 400…i have looked but i was wondering if anyone knows where i can get one or has one for sale.

eBay has iBooks G4 that start from $300.

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Monday, November 23rd, 2009 at 1:26 pm
Ibook G4
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18 Responses to “apple ibook g4 for sale”

  1. cbhipod Says:

    changed my mind …
    changed my mind sorry u got some other good deals though

  2. shawnstar86 Says:

    send me your email..
    send me your email..

  3. courtney874587 Says:

    500-550. I need it …
    500-550. I need it for my school work, and I seen that yu was selling one.

  4. sjkflies Says:

    if you haven’t sold …
    if you haven’t sold it already, i live in langhorne. $150? maybe? if sold already that’s fine thanks tho.

  5. MaIuku Says:

    $360,- !!
    $360,- !!

  6. GoosebumpsScarecrow Says:


  7. shawnstar86 Says:

    whats your email? …
    whats your email? message me…

  8. cbhipod Says:

    I really want a mac …
    I really want a mac and I can’t pay more than $500 $400 to $450 ok with you please I want a new laptop that’s a mac

  9. mas6231 Says:


  10. Mr88yungryde Says:

    350……..get back …
    350……..get back asap

  11. jbctosx Says:

    ill give you …
    ill give you $250.00. or $280.00 if u ship it for next day. i always wanted a mac please reply!

  12. kriegs089 Says:


  13. yourfriendlyninja Says:


  14. fh1mahfanzai Says:

    OMG i wish watch ur …
    OMG i wish watch ur video like an hr earlier, i JUST bought an powerbook g4 on ebay for like 250…. sigh. good luck man.

  15. coopercrue Says:


  16. darckfer Says:

    u ket me know how …
    u ket me know how much and we do it were u located at ?

  17. SnazzyiPhoneHacker Says:

    I am messaging you …
    I am messaging you right now please answer me back!!!

  18. DominikDays Says:

    ummm im a little …
    ummm im a little short
    80 dollars? its not a good deal but i dont really need a laptop so you might as well refuse

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