Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the very first iPod at a low key event in 2001. The rest is history.

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Apple Music Event 2001 The First Ever iPod Introduction

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Monday, October 12th, 2009 at 6:08 am
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25 Responses to “Apple Music Event 2001-The First Ever iPod Introduction”

  1. Fawk2099 Says:

    you’re a …
    you’re a moron go back and watch the video.. 160kb wasnt representing the size of each song you idiot. It represented the quality of the song. 192kb/sec is CD Quality. So it was slightly less than cd quality. idiot I cant stand stupid like you.

  2. caseofmondays Says:

    It seems Jobs’ …
    It seems Jobs’ numbers are a little off. 5*1000/(5*60*60) *8 = 2.222 Mb/s. USB1 is 12 Mb/s.

  3. Arkaniad Says:

    Jobs > Gates
    Jobs > Gates

  4. liamnain Says:

    i love the way he …
    i love the way he waits till the last second to show u it…. he does a good job of keeping u interested

  5. Gregsynth Says:

    Wow, he looks so …
    Wow, he looks so well here. Compare him here to 7/8 years later and you can see the toll that his cancer took. Thank god he is recovering.

  6. dddxfhb Says:

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  7. Aliun625 Says:

    Lol, me too, like …
    Lol, me too, like they did when Steve Jobs introduced the iPod Touch, people were like WOOOOOOO!!! Whoa!!! and all that but not for the first one, lol.

  8. FrostySeaFlakes Says:

    but it doesn’t …
    but it doesn’t connect to ipod …

  9. Eddy01300 Says:

    eww it looks …
    eww it looks disgusting =D haha

  10. TurnYourBrainOn2 Says:

    No it’s not.
    No it’s not.

  11. catchersmitt0 Says:

    Sorry, even back …
    Sorry, even back then, people owned more than 1000 songs.

  12. ZektoNNL Says:

    FireWire 800 is …
    FireWire 800 is twice as fast as usb 2.0

  13. habaneroLV426 Says:

    lol lol lol lol lol …
    lol lol lol lol lol lol like lol lol lol

  14. meplayvgalot Says:

    lol i like how when …
    lol i like how when he tuggs it in his pocket its like bulging out.

  15. buddylikeguitar Says:

    lol 160 kb per song …
    lol 160 kb per song there like 3 mb ea now thats like 300000 kbs lol 5 gb

  16. MultiKdizzle Says:

    lol yeah i think so
    lol yeah i think so

  17. DukeLuke1020 Says:

    oh ok! hah i feel …
    oh ok! hah i feel dumb lol… i always thought firewire was faster =/

  18. Bonzenpunk Says:

    i always wait for …
    i always wait for the crowd to go : whoooohooo !!! … but nothing … lol

  19. carlheanerd Says:

    Not exactly… …
    Not exactly… Firewire is consistently faster than USB despite its lower bit rate cap due to the fact of a more consistent speed and no CPU overhead.

  20. danieljohnsons123 Says:

    I am giving away my …
    I am giving away my ipod for FREE! Send me a message if you are interested.
    I hate apple, I don’t need it anymore!

  21. FrostySeaFlakes Says:

    nah USB 2.0 is …
    nah USB 2.0 is slightly faster, hence new ipods aren’t compatible with firewire and you can only charge off them not synch

  22. DukeLuke1020 Says:

    well, isn’t …
    well, isn’t firewire better than usb?

  23. muk546 Says:

    a good cd player …
    a good cd player back then cost me $69.99 still works!


    LMAO… CD PLAYER…$75… SPIN , SPIN, SPIN. “Reality Distortion Field!” :D

    But I love Jobs, and I love Apple. :)

  25. dan564891 Says:

    he he….. 5 gigs ! …
    he he….. 5 gigs !!!

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