Apple Original PowerBook Ad. It’s great way to meet girls!

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Apple Original PowerBook Ad
need help updating mac?

want to upgrade mac OS x 10.2.8 to 10.3.1.
i have a Ibook clam shell 367 MHz

Upgrading OS 10 from .2 to .3, .4, .5, etc requires purchase of the new version. Going from10.3.0 to 10.3.9 OR 10.4.0 to 10.4.11 is free, as it is an upgrade.

Upgrades = free
New Version = $

Depending on your CPU speed, RAM, etc. I’d go with either .3 or .4. (I don’t believe any Intel nor G5 came with .2, so I’d say you have a G3 or G4 max.) 10.5 is too slow on anything short of a G5 and 10.6 only runs on Intel.

10.3.9 operates well and will run many of the newer (non-intel only) programs. The same goes for 10.4.11, which can run even more of the newer apps. Both also have the advantage of including “Classic” mode. (OS 9.2.2, which can run the pre-OS 10 programs.) OS 10.5 and later dropped “Classic” completely.

Check on eBay. There are usually plenty of people selling older Mac OS sets cheap. Make sure it is an OEM set that will run ANY Mac. You DO NOT want a model specific (IE: ad says “Came with my G4 iMac”) set as it will only work on that group of Macs. An iMac set will not work on a Mini, PowerBook, Tower, etc, (and may only work on a specific few models of iMacs.) Also make sure it is the original discs and not a copy. If you are going to spend money, at least make sure you are getting the real disk(s)

You can install from OS 10,3.0 to 10.3.8 and get free upgrades to OS 10.3.9 via download from Apple. Just click on the Software Update button (under the Apple) and it will check to see what you need and ask to install it. (Assuming you have an internet connection naturally.)

10.4.0 to 10.4.10 works the same, with free upgrading to 10.4.11.

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Sunday, November 15th, 2009 at 10:21 am
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25 Responses to “Apple Original PowerBook Ad”

  1. drexwlwlwlwlwlw Says:

    can i try it??

    can i try it??


  2. iGreenBerry Says:

    iMac 4 LIFE!!!!!!!! …
    iMac 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. BlackWidowLuger Says:

    Don’t joke about …
    Don’t joke about that, you are clueless to how many thousands of people have their souls stolen every year =\

  4. AEigner Says:

    “I have my whole …
    “I have my whole life in it” … then some dude steals it.

    *running away* “Your soul is mine!”

  5. DJGRUMPY619MIX Says:

    yes some of them i …
    yes some of them i got one my self is ok if the mouse dont work that ball does but yes i got one my self

  6. glaked23 Says:

    Here’s my favorite …
    Here’s my favorite fact about it. The memory on it was 2 to 8 MB’s. 18 years later an Iphone, something you hold in your hand has 256 MBs. I got to ask what did that thing really did, that commercial didn’t really explain it.

  7. TechForThought Says:

    haha nice
    haha nice

  8. Spoothead12 Says:

    They should.
    They should.

  9. Overdosage Says:

    0:14 don’t we all …
    0:14 don’t we all wish this was true!

  10. TechForThought Says:

    i like this …
    i like this commercial but the “whats on your powerbook” commercials suck

  11. ichbinstark Says:

    this was the 90s, …
    this was the 90s, Apple really sucked hard in the 90s, up till 1998 when the imac came out.

  12. maclancer Says:

    ? Apple Rules! ?
    ? Apple Rules! ?

  13. Hoopu Says:

    It’s a great way to …
    It’s a great way to meet girls!

  14. dinomaui Says:


  15. lxnthnyv Says:

    do ppl still use …
    do ppl still use trackballs today?

  16. lxnthnyv Says:

    brick….speaking …
    brick….speaking of which…what about the new macbook brick everyone talks about?

  17. flipsite Says:

    What’s Russell Wong …
    What’s Russell Wong doing in this ad?

  18. igob8a Says:

    “Hardly weighs …
    “Hardly weighs anything” LOL it’s like a brick

  19. macandcheese33 Says:

    “it’s a great way …
    “it’s a great way to meet girls”
    hells to the yeah!

  20. GreaTbeAnmaD Says:

    lol that computer …
    lol that computer is a dinosaur

  21. EuroCarfan00 Says:

    and thats how Apple …
    and thats how Apple got popular back then.

  22. vaiol123 Says:

    Can I try?

    Can I try?


  23. Cormier6083 Says:

    What is funny is …
    What is funny is that the old PoweBooks are now dinosaurs. Man, years fly by. I’m a have to dig out my old PowerBook from the closet. :P

  24. GavinRoskamp Says:

    that apple symbol …
    that apple symbol doesn’t show up on a PC! Neat!

  25. OwlMovieStudios Says:

    Ya that was funny
    Ya that was funny

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