In this video, I recommend what type of Apple Computers you should get on your budget, and show you the iMac G3.


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Duration : 0:9:33

Budget Apple Computers
Which Apple computer should i get?

I can’t make up my mind……..the 24 inch imac.or the new updated unibody mbp 15 inch with the SD card slot???????Tell me which one you prefer and why—–i have a $2000 BUDGET

Neither. Get a PC.

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Monday, October 12th, 2009 at 6:08 am
Emac Computers
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25 Responses to “Budget Apple Computers”

  1. likitty20 Says:

    i have mac os x …
    i have mac os x tiger and windows on my pc

  2. WeegeeTnik9832 Says:

    iMac its great ^^ ! …
    iMac its great ^^ !!! I want one !

  3. fearn45 Says:

    get a powermac g3 …
    get a powermac g3 400mhz

  4. ftwad Says:

    Thanks for that …
    Thanks for that info! That was great!! Now I know how to save money and what to expect!! Thanks!

  5. DeltaPhi79 Says:

    The iMac G5s first …
    The iMac G5s first didn’t have the iSight, but the later G5s did

  6. DerrickBouchard Says:

    iMac G5’s have …
    iMac G5’s have isight. And the processor is powerPC. The design is just the same.

  7. DerrickBouchard Says:

    $300? That’s …
    $300? That’s awesome!

  8. reidras Says:

    I got an iMac G5 …
    I got an iMac G5 for just over $300 its really good!

  9. acraig06 Says:

    vince are you …
    vince are you upgrading to windows 7 when it comes out cause i think i am so windwos 7 videos are gonna be good :)

  10. italy1677 Says:

    I was talking in …
    I was talking in general that the imac G3 was not the 3 gen iMac. I am not sure if it is the third powerpc processor I suspected it, but I might be wrong. I hope any of this doesn’t confuse anyone.

  11. computerguy001 Says:

    No, that is not the …
    No, that is not the original iMac. The tray-loading iMac is the original one that came out in 1998, the one that you have came out in about 2000 or 2001.

  12. 6364gg2 Says:

    Um. I got a …
    Um. I got a PERFORMA!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

  13. mferrari210 Says:

    The g3 was not the …
    The g3 was not the third powerpc processor by a long shot.
    This is a slot loading and the first iteration was tray loading.
    I am almost certain it is the indigo color, though the lighting is bad. This means it was made in mid 2000.

  14. italy1677 Says:

    It is the first …
    It is the first macintosh marketed as an “imac.” It has a powerpc g3 processor. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  15. ComputerTechCentral Says:

    I don’t know what …
    I don’t know what you’re saying.

  16. italy1677 Says:

    it is the first …
    it is the first imac called an imac it is the third processor

  17. soulfire5544 Says:

    get a macbook
    get a macbook

  18. wwasucks Says:

    mac is juck
    mac is juck

  19. Eido486 Says:

    i am getting an …
    i am getting an early 2001 g3 which is dalmation blue

  20. 1soniccool Says:

    I have a iMac!
    I have a iMac!

  21. ComputerTechCentral Says:

    Some of the iMac …
    Some of the iMac G5s had the iSight.

  22. ComputerTechCentral Says:

    That’s not the …
    That’s not the original iMac. That’s the third revision.
    No, it isn’t from 1998. Yours is from 2000.

  23. gabicando Says:

    A Mac Pro has a …
    A Mac Pro has a Tray Loading

  24. Mooseguy15 Says:

    eMac sucks balls i …
    eMac sucks balls i got one its 5 yrs old and it has screen problemes i cant turn it on sometimes and when i do get it to work finally the screen starts to fliker about a 1min after and then it shuts and i cant turn it back on for about 2 weeks

  25. Sapi182 Says:

    Yes. The greatest …
    Yes. The greatest computer of all time.

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