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How to set up a wireless LAN between two laptops?

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

I have no clue on how to do this, so any help would be appreciated. I don’t have any routers or anything like that, just the Laptops. Also is it possible to set up LAN between three or four laptops at once?
Thanks in advance.

If you want to connect the wireless you have to set up an adhoc connections. If you want to connect them by wire you have to buy a switch.

How to set up a wireless LAN between two laptops?
How can I set up my wiress LAN?

I have a laptop and want to connect to another laptop. Both have wireless access to the internet, but for some reason can’t seem to sort out getting a LAN connection to each other, or a direct connection to each other.

The LAN has never worked, the error message says a network cable is unplugged.
Is it possible to set up a direct connection without infrared between the two laptops? If so, how?
i’ve changed the workgroup names on both computers to MSHOME but still can’t see both Laptops

You can connect using the wireless router that both laptops use.

You must ensure that both computers are using the same network name.

The default name for Windows is either WORKGROUP or MSHOME.

Check both computers by:

Start >> Control Panel >> Performance and Maintenance .. now click the SYSTEM icon.

In this window click the “Computer Name” tab at the top.

In this window it’ll tell you the workgroup name for this computer.

Do the same check on the other computer to ensure it’s using the same workgroup name.

Then you open up the “Network Places” and you should see each others shared files.


How do I network two laptops and one printer?

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Using Vista on both Laptops and a 1210 HP all-in-one printer. Both Laptops presently share a wireless router to acces the internet. The printer is connected to the main laptop.

On the main laptop, go to the printers Properties. Go to the Sharing tab and share the printer.

On the other laptop add a printer. Browse the network for the printer connected to the main computer. Install it. The laptop can now print to the printer on the main laptop.

Be aware that Vista takes a little time to recognize the printer (every time you print), then takes a little time to send the print job.

How do I network two laptops and one printer?
Share Files Using Network Between 2 Vista Computers?

So, I somehow managed to share my printer using the network that connects my desktop and laptop. They are BOTH VISTA. However, I do not know how to share files/folders between the two computers using the network. I have already enabled both computers to be able to share files and public folder sharing.

So, now what do I do to transfer one folder from my Vista Desktop to my Vista Laptop?

Thanks in advance and 10pts to the best answer.

Open “My Computer” window. If the sharing is all enabled properly, under “Network Places” you should be able to see the other computer and its files. Just drag and drop files or folders with the mouse in the usual way.