HOW MUCH WOULD YOU SELL YOUR LAPTOP TO ME FOR?!?!?!?! lol.. I made this fun little video with my friends over at Mozy the other day. We were wondering how much people value their files that they have stored on their Laptops and computers. Most people ended up realizing that their data is priceless! Wouldn’t you agree?







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Can you give me tips on how to keep your Laptop working like it’s “NEW”?

What I mean is how to keep it working fast and encountering no problems at all. Just give me some words of advice. You can include concerns and worries? Yes.

Use a good anti-virus program, a good malware detection program and a good registry checker and also a good firewall.

Even though some software manufacturers claim that they can do each of these by themselves, I seem to always recall the story of the kid that liked to blow his own horn, only to find that he was playing out of tune.

There are many programs that you can choose from but I definitely try to stay away from those that sell you software that is good for only one year. I can see them only offering support for one year but unless they are going out of business at the end of that year, if I buy their program, I expect it to keep working even without updates, for more than a year. For that reason I would never recommend any product made by Norton. A friend of mine bought the program “Norton 360″ and it stopped working on the 366th day after he installed it on his computer.

I personally use CCleaner for a registry cleaner and malware removal, Ad-Aware for more malware removal and I use AVG for my anti-virus program. For my firewall I use the one that comes with windows defender.

Each of these programs are free.

After I use my computer, I run each of them (except for windows defender). If you want, you can schedule each of them to run at a preset time, like in the middle of the night when you are sleeping.

If you are using Windows, and your computer is turned on and Windows firewall is turned on then you are using one of the best software firewalls available.

Of course you can use any program you want, but never turn your computer off without running these programs first. If you have updates to install, al least run CCleaner before you let the update reboot your computer. assembling

Good Luck!

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Monday, November 23rd, 2009 at 1:26 pm
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25 Responses to “GIVE ME YOUR LAPTOP!!!!!!”

  1. bLaZeItFoO Says:

    wut do u mean “back …
    wut do u mean “back up ur files”?

  2. slrknmusicphenomenom Says:

    Sell it for €200? …
    Sell it for €200? Yeah, my old one’s a heap. Sorry, iJ, I’m a PC though. Hate them, but I can afford them.

  3. osment10 Says:

    i wold give it to …
    i wold give it to you for a hug lol

  4. maarc3D Says:

    WTF are you going …
    WTF are you going on about???

  5. Vidx50 Says:

    I ijustine leave …
    I ijustine leave their Laptops alone lol

    She just wants them so she sell them on ebay or with her twitter.

    LoL she should sign a laptop and auction it and post video links to the auction their you go their a good idea enjoy

  6. oliack Says:

    dont have one
    dont have one

  7. FR3SHxTUHxD3ATH Says:



  8. WhiskeyKitty1212 Says:

    I basically have no …
    I basically have no files on my laptop anymore..just copies. most of it is all on my external hard drive… can have it for $1700 so I can get a macbook pro xD

  9. roostercrowe1 Says:

    I would trade my …
    I would trade my latop for your head on a platter!

  10. CoolDude629 Says:

    $300 im sirious lol
    $300 im sirious lol

  11. GTRFireMan Says:

    lol, I guess nobody …
    lol, I guess nobody would ever sell thier laptop with their precious files in it for a price. Nice research Justin.

  12. AttilaThe1 Says:

    Well … sit on my …
    Well … sit on my lap honey and we can talk about it -lol

  13. amberrANDemma Says:

    i back mine uppppp, …
    i back mine uppppp, so i would sell it for the original price of 700$

  14. Peachyqrd Says:

    I would seel my own …
    I would seel my own ears for less then my laptop. The New macbook pro I love it!

  15. millied11 Says:

    hmm $100 or somet …
    hmm $100 or somet thats how much mine was and it has windows 7 on

  16. KrazyBaaby Says:

    stfu! I bet your …
    stfu! I bet your idea of a good video is probly jumping in front of busses and seeing what they do, it’s just an experiment, andif you watch any of her videos there hillaious!

  17. xXREDbanditPROXx Says:

    7,500 minimum, even …
    7,500 minimum, even though my macbook is new and i don’t have anything on it!!! lol :D

  18. sh5ek Says:

    i wouldn’t sell my …
    i wouldn’t sell my laptop, but if you want to buy my phone then ill sell it to you for 3500$ because it’s a Nokia 3500 “CLASSIC”!

  19. icykickflip Says:

    wtf man
    was that an …

    wtf man
    was that an insult or a wierd complament?

  20. revi5555 Says:

    a least 4 gran
    a least 4 gran

  21. roostercrowe1 Says:

    Justine – Is this …
    Justine – Is this the best that you could do for an idea for a video? Where did ya get this one? Let me guess. Your sister thought of it! I doubt that you had that one last remaining brain cell working that hard alone. Anyway, you’re a moron.

  22. Reed12223 Says:

    hahaha you look …
    hahaha you look like a crazy person but it was funny :)

  23. MichelleM416 Says:

    I think I am going …
    I think I am going to get mozy

  24. Antoni1242 Says:

    yay for Mozy ^.^
    yay for Mozy ^.^

  25. MissSmallDragon Says:

    Don’t have one. …
    Don’t have one. Ooooooh! What’cha gonna do now? >:P

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