Powerbook G4 12″ Unboxing

Here’s my new PowerBook! Even though I love my little G4, it needs to shape up in the power department! My battery goes wakko (Animaniac geeks will laugh at that) all the time and the power adapter rarely charges the computer. So I’m probably going to be taking my little G4 in to my Apple Authorized Reseller or whatever they are called these days and have them take a look at it and see if a new battery/adapter is in charge. I wish my little Powerbook didn’t have these problems! GAH! Plus all technology hates me today, but that video is still in the editing portion so you should see it soon…

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Duration : 0:6:49

GTT PowerBook Unboxing

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Tuesday, November 10th, 2009 at 10:45 pm
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25 Responses to “GTT – PowerBook Unboxing”

  1. waterbender92katara Says:

    plus it`s not an …
    plus it`s not an inch thick it`s more

  2. waterbender92katara Says:

    the guy who was …
    the guy who was making this stop chewing gum and do the video.

  3. mypassmark1 Says:

    I have a MacBook …
    I have a MacBook Pro Unibody, but I am thinking of buying a PowerMac G4 15″ for $320 USD to take to school. The reason is, I dont want to take a $3,000 laptop to school and the G4 has a lot of “power”

  4. benj1510 Says:

    get the new 13.3 …
    get the new 13.3 Macbook pro! you could get a discount because your a kid and if you sell you old i mac and your G4 and did a but of work you could have one.
    also Powerbooks were always having problems because they were crap! Get a MACBOOK PRO!

  5. macmaster4848 Says:

    that looks exactly …
    that looks exactly like a macbook pro except it is a tiny bit larger.

  6. macmaster4848 Says:

    i think intel is …
    i think intel is good, my mac installed final cut express in like 10 seconds. my old PPC mac would have taken like 10min.

  7. macmaster4848 Says:

    used MBP’s are so …
    used MBP’s are so cheap on ebay.c o m

  8. macmaster4848 Says:

    i’ve seen an iMac …
    i’ve seen an iMac freeze and it was almost brand new. it was intel.

  9. Beaustoioff Says:

    I’m gonna get one …
    I’m gonna get one of those on eBay too. lol

  10. GavinRoskamp Says:

    I can afford one, I …
    I can afford one, I just prefer the G4. I really like it and I’ve had experience with Intel Macs as well, there are Intel iMacs at my old school and they just don’t seem as snappy as my G4s. Unfortunately with Apple going Intel, that is forcing me to go Intel as well so I’m getting the cheapest one they’ve got so I can also get a new iPod Touch (mine broke) so yeah.

  11. NICKST3R182 Says:

    sounds like bias to …
    sounds like bias to me b/c u can’t afford one… to b honest I can’t afford one but I bought a mbp anyway, I just couldn’t resist…def worth it

  12. GavinRoskamp Says:

    I’ve got someone …
    I’ve got someone who is thinking about buying it but it’s out for $250+. You can make the price, $250-$300. I’ll get back with you if the person who is considering it decides to buy it or leave it.

  13. mernstgeek Says:

    how much do you …
    how much do you want for the imac g4…?

  14. GavinRoskamp Says:

    Oh well, I’ll look …
    Oh well, I’ll look at the new systems, if any are cheap enough I’ll get a new one, and if they aren’t cheap enough… eBay!!! :)

  15. MacBookProVideos Says:

    Well that is great …
    Well that is great ! I’m proud you will be a “Now” mac user, instead of a ” So 2004″ mac user. BUT, according to MacRumors, ( They are always right ), the Apple Mini is getting discontinued at January 2010 when they introduce new systems.

  16. GavinRoskamp Says:

    I really don’t have …
    I really don’t have all that much extra to spend on one, and I’ve been trying to save up for when 10.7 comes out so that I can move to Intel before then. My PowerBook is the last G4 I’m purchasing and then all three of my G4s will be sold and I’ll get an Intel, most likely a Mini.

  17. MacBookProVideos Says:

    Ok. That is you. …
    Ok. That is you. I’m just saying, why get a old machine when there is brand new ones out with more amazing features. That PowerBook was what ? $500 ? You could of saved up and purchased a refurbished one or a new one from MacMall ( MacBook Aluminium ) for less than $1,100

  18. GavinRoskamp Says:

    First, MBPs are WAY …
    First, MBPs are WAY too expensive for me. If I would get a new Mac, it would probably be the Mini or the Polycarbonate MacBook.
    Second, I really dislike Intel Macs. Intel processors belong in PCs where they are amazing. The PPC G4 is my favorite processor of all time, and I’ve got three wonderful G4s that are cheap, beautiful, and work great.
    Third, why spend all that much extra if you don’t need to? A G4 does everything I need it to do.

  19. MacBookProVideos Says:

    Why didn’t you just …
    Why didn’t you just get a MacBook Pro besides a old machine ?

  20. vikefan57 Says:

    that is tiny …
    that is tiny compared to my aluminum macbook!

  21. dozbubba1 Says:

    lol little behind …
    lol little behind times

  22. TheCoolComputerGuy Says:

    having fun chewing …
    having fun chewing gum!?

    Is that really an imac!? looks like a toy….

  23. applekidthegreat Says:

    Put the apple …
    Put the apple stickers on the Apple logo :D
    I DID

    PBG4′S forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. phunnyplace Says:

    whoops just crashed
    whoops just crashed

  25. phunnyplace Says:

    did you consider …
    did you consider getting an imac
    they are awesome and never cra

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