600Mhz powerPC G3
384Mb of ram
8Mb Vram (ATI rage card)
12” screen
802.11b airport (wifi)
15Gb HDD
2x USB 1.1
Firewire 400
10/100 base T ethernet
the song is “Don’t cry out” by the Shiny Toy Guns

Duration : 0:6:9

iBook G3 (dual USB
iBook G3 & iMac g3????????

Ok, I really want my own computer. I don’t really do much on the computer just internet and thats about it. I like to blog and watch youtube a lot. Sooo, I was thinking about buying a refurbished imac g3 or ibook g3 2nd gen. I like to be mobile so I was thinking the ibook g3 and i know that these are quite outdated and won’t run leopard. Which is fine with me. But I have see that the 2nd generation ibook g3 or dual usb has logic board issues. So what should I get I really like the ibook but I don’t want the logic board to die right after I buy it.

Thanks [ :

Whats your budget? You are aware how expensive Apple is, right?
My Ibook G4 is the best computer I have ever had. My iMac is not as good. I would definitely go with the iBook.

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Monday, November 23rd, 2009 at 1:26 pm
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25 Responses to “iBook G3 (dual USB”

  1. dellvsmac Says:

    they dont boot that …
    they dont boot that fast

  2. dellvsmac Says:

    try zapping the p …
    try zapping the p ram mine did the same thing and when i did that it works some time im currently working on that prob though.

  3. quinillo94 Says:

    What system have it …
    What system have it got?

  4. hiphoplsr Says:

    The g3 ibook dual …
    The g3 ibook dual usb model is from 2002

  5. hawaiianboy2013 Says:

    hey i have a laptop …
    hey i have a laptop like that but my screen no longer wirks could you help me my c=screen is only black when i start it up it makes the sound but thers no visual and i cant use an external display so wat do i do ive taken the back cover off but i dont see anything thats broken HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. cjmillsnun Says:

    Are you joking? The …
    Are you joking? The desktop dates from 1991 and the Laptop from about the same time.

  7. matlow95 Says:

    Unfortunately these …
    Unfortunately these Mac’s dont game as well. If only they had SLI and CrossFireX.

  8. thizhypy3000 Says:

    the guy probably …
    the guy probably has the 10gb Model, that has something wrong with it

  9. Hitachi414 Says:

    can u install like …
    can u install like programs in there???

  10. puffpet Says:

    pretty much, you …
    pretty much, you can do the internet email and word processing, also use itunes to listen to music. just dont expect it to be super fast, or play youtube videos very well.

  11. Hitachi414 Says:

    ey im getting one …
    ey im getting one too but then i jux wants to aske before i get it is it a prettie fast laptop at program and internet

  12. howlettman Says:

    can i have or buy? …
    can i have or buy? i want a mac laptop because i just want something that will boot fast and has the features o need i game but all i ever play anymore is like WoW and games on 360 and stuff.

  13. DeepWater92 Says:

    yea it was fast …
    yea it was fast till it got stolen

  14. Kin632 Says:

    faster and better …
    faster and better than the touch in my opinion.

  15. gameboygeek947 Says:

    Never mind it says …
    Never mind it says it n the description and I found it on iTunes!!

  16. gameboygeek947 Says:

    what song were you …
    what song were you playing during the video?

  17. HBeagley Says:

    Yeah There Is A Way …
    Yeah There Is A Way Around The Small Hard-Drive Install A New Internal Hard-Drive 100GB or More And Upgrade The RAM
    And I Have Two Computer’s With 40GB HDDs And I Split My iTunes Library Across Both Computers.

  18. ffafarmer Says:

    I put a 100 gig hdd …
    I put a 100 gig hdd on my g3 which is the 800mhz i traded my ipod touch for it

  19. mobilzzone Says:

    Give some ram to …
    Give some ram to this baby, the usability of these machines is really really depends on the ram. This baby can run soo fine with the maximum ram. And this little machine can become somebody’s every day computer, if that somebody doesnt want to play games on it.

  20. thestonerboys Says:

    you cna put …
    you cna put garageband on it, and yes browses through the internet VERY fast.

  21. thestonerboys Says:

    this review is like …
    this review is like 6/10
    i have a 600MHZ with 640MB of ram

    and it can run itunes, over 30 safari windows, ichat, iphoto together and it run’s very fast.

    i am very pleased with it.
    i think his ibook has something wrong with it.

  22. AbCdEfGnEwS Says:

    =] I love that song …
    =] I love that song at the beginning.

  23. em17466 Says:


  24. diond408 Says:

    that what the …
    that what the macbookair is for

  25. ripcliff59 Says:

    Does the g3 come …
    Does the g3 come with garage band?
    can you browse the web quickly?

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