Hi, today it’s an special video not for my vintage collection but to show you my new iBook G4 :

Specs are :

14″ iBook G4
1.33 Ghz PowerPC, G4 512K cache
1.25 Gb DDR Memory
40 Gb Drive
Combo Drive (Read DVD and Burn CD)
ATI Mobility Radeon 9200 32 Mb
Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.6
Airport Extreme

Duration : 0:8:50

Ibook G4, review of my new laptop !
Help buying a new iBook G4 Battery?

is laptop-battery-base.us a reputable site? I am kinda of worried to buy from it as it does not seem well known. I am looking for a battery for my Ibook G4 A1134 and I found it for 46 on this site http://www.laptop-battery-base.us/iBook%20G4%2014-inch%20A1134-battery-253.html. Should I get it here or go to http://www.Powerbookmedic.com/xcart1/product.php?productid=16449&cat=442&page=1 and pay double for the rep?

checked around and there is really no info on http://laptop-battery-base.us/ and I mean I can’t even Google it and it’s not even on the forums or the boards. Yet http://www.powerbookmedic.com/xcart1/product.php?productid=16449&cat=442&page=1 is on the map and has a good review from many reputable sites to boot. Your hunch is right with going with them yeah it’s more yet they are known.




Let me know if you need anymore info.

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Monday, November 2nd, 2009 at 7:26 pm
Ibook G4
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25 Responses to “iBook G4, review of my new laptop !”

  1. oldmac6 Says:

    I know my English …
    I know my English isn’t very well, but I try to get it better any times ! Bcause I love to speak English, if you speak English, you can speak to the world ! Your french is good. Tell me If you want to know some word in French !


  2. oldmac6 Says:

    Hi, this laptop has …
    Hi, this laptop has originaly garageband 2 but i upgrade to iLife ‘09 and now I have the latest garageband version. This is not a Macbook but an iBook, the differance betwen them are the Macbook has a Intel processor (and can run Windows an Snow Leopard) that is faster than the old PowerPC G4 precossor of the iBook.

  3. lydialolly Says:

    hey frenchy ! ;)

    hey frenchy ! ;)
    1st thing to ask anybody pointing out your accent and making fun of it ” HOW MANY LANGUAGE DO YOU SPEAK ? ”
    usually ..they change the subject…because most brits ( this is where i am…britland ) only speak english..
    i guess that in the states ,,they do speak spanish…i mean they should
    can you tell me ..if this macbook has garage band…merci beaucoup…j;ecris en francais..pardon…je regaraderai aussi tes vintages recording
    merci ;)

  4. oldmac6 Says:

    Oui je sais … …
    Oui je sais … Mais à la longue je pense que je vais m’améliorer :-)

  5. ayoubette Says:

    Accent… Très …
    Accent… Très français !!

  6. oldmac6 Says:

    No I keep it :-)
    No I keep it :-) And now another people give me another iBook G4 because she say it had a dead motherboard , I just do a PMU reset and the iBook work Perfecly ! Now I’ve two iBook on my collection. I think a was very lucky to get two iBook for free

  7. brandonreyes Says:

    then can i have it?
    then can i have it?

  8. Sudsmcduff96 Says:

    >_> wow shut the f* …
    >_> wow shut the f*ck up lildaviid923. No need to be rude thats like making fun of a african kid who has a different color of skin

  9. oldmac6 Says:

    free :-) Not a joke
    free :-) Not a joke

  10. oldmac6 Says:

    OK … I’m French …
    OK … I’m French and isn’t easy to me to speak English well, when I speak French I don’t have this voice and my camera disform that voice

  11. cdsniper10 Says:

    you might be able …
    you might be able to put a g4 motherboard in a macbook. you will have to do a lot of fitting and modding but i belive it can be don. i know some one who is currenly trying to put macbook air innerds in a ibook g3 clamshell case.

  12. matthew376 Says:

    It is called being …
    It is called being of a different nationality. It is quite common among human beings

  13. lildaviid923 Says:

    can u not have a …
    can u not have a any creepier. voice.

  14. puffal59 Says:

    man that sucks. it …
    man that sucks. it would be good if it had a widescreen lol o well
    thanks for the reply anyways :)

  15. oldmac6 Says:

    No, because Macbook …
    No, because Macbook has another type of motherboard than the iBook and can’t fit in the iBook

  16. puffal59 Says:

    would it be …
    would it be possible to buy a macbook outer case and put the insides of the g4 inside it?

  17. oldmac6 Says:

    ??? What. A friend …
    ??? What. A friend just give me this laptop because it has a bad hard drive

  18. oldmac6 Says:

    Yes, the are very …
    Yes, the are very good machine

  19. oldmac6 Says:

    Yes they are …
    Yes they are discountinued in 2006. Yes but it on ebay !

  20. oldmac6 Says:

    Yes of course, with …
    Yes of course, with an Airport Extreme card

  21. cameraman54321 Says:

    It has an airport …
    It has an airport card.h

  22. takuya124 Says:

    has it got WI FI???
    has it got WI FI???

  23. brandonreyes Says:

    how much?
    how much?

  24. tanmanpresents Says:

    are ibooks g4 …
    are ibooks g4 discontinued? if they are ill probably buy on off ebay

  25. andrewschule Says:

    I had one of these …
    I had one of these a while ago! it was a great laptop. I think it still works!

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