This is an upgrade I did to my Powermac G4 Mirror Disk Drive DP 1.42GHz Computer. I also added in some guitars to funny old apple song.

Check it out…Mac’s can be gamers too!

Duration : 0:9:54

Macintosh G4 Upgrade
Mac os 9……..?

I have a Mac os 10.4 (i think)
It’s an Ibook G4(if that has to do with anything)
and i got this computer game that
is VERY old
i’m talking 1994
and knowing macintosh, they come out with upgrades every 3 months
(exageration, but hey)
anyway, i can’t get the computer game to play without os 9 and they won’t let you download it offline. I tried downloading 9.1 and 9.2 so i could download 9.2.2 so i could use classics but none of it will work without just plain old os 9. Also, i got my computer used so it didn’t come with the Cd that includes classic support so i don’t know if i can get around that or if i’m going to have to buy the Cd that contains classic support. If you have ANY idea how to help PLEASE PLEASE HELP MEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The game came out during around 1st generation PPC or non-PPC Macs, and it was probably running on OS. 7 something.

Now you are talking about your Ibook G4, which came with OSX and Classic (9 something). You might be able to install 8.0 or 8.5 to be more compat with the game, but I’m not sure if that’d work (if you happen to find the OS installer).

BTW, what’s the name of the game?

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Tuesday, November 10th, 2009 at 10:46 pm
G4 Computers
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12 Responses to “Macintosh G4 Upgrade”

  1. sirleebzxx25 Says:

    I got a Powermac G4 …
    I got a Powermac G4 with a 533MHz (stock I think) I want to know if i could run raid on it thanks!

  2. dmick90 Says:

    Dude how many fps …
    Dude how many fps are you getting on wow with your new video card, and did you ever get your door to shut with it in there?

  3. PowerMacUser Says:

    meant to live by …
    meant to live by switchfoot

  4. macaius Says:

    Nice upgrading. I’m …
    Nice upgrading. I’m thinking about to change my old 64MB retail Ati 9000 by the newer 9800 XT. I think it will be a huge difference.

    I love Joe Satriani!

  5. jackmitchell123 Says:

    i just upgraded my …
    i just upgraded my old G4 sawtooth with a 1GHz sonnet G4 CPU a 9800 PRO (mac edition) 2 GB of ram a DVD drive 2 80 GB HDDs and a USB card

  6. ComputerTechCentral Says:

    That a Les Paul …
    That a Les Paul guitar?

  7. dustin1993 Says:


  8. RollinRolex Says:

    Hey, I need to ask: …
    Hey, I need to ask: If I went to a retailer, could I easily whack Mac OSX onto it or does it need to be Macintosh designed parts?

  9. DonHoraldo Says:

    grate case ( …
    grate case (snickers) I mean I have to pull 2 locks and my mobo can’t fall on the ground.

  10. ddtdanilo Says:

    what is the name of …
    what is the name of the first song?

  11. macuse2008 Says:

    He He…got me a …
    He He…got me a dual 1.42 as well, Radeon 9600XT, plenty quick…

  12. xcryinginrainxx Says:

    Apple would want to …
    Apple would want to buy it actually. A G4 upgrade, nice

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