Just a little macbook air parody :D

I know it’s a litte late, but its all in good fun :D

Thanks for Watching!

Duration : 0:1:10

Powerbook G4 12″ Macbook Air Parody

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Monday, November 2nd, 2009 at 7:26 pm
Powerbook G4
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25 Responses to “Powerbook G4 12″ – Macbook Air Parody”

  1. AllAroundBang Says:

    speed, ppc based, …
    speed, ppc based, thats all thats wrong. :D

  2. zak9456 Says:

    I would say that …
    I would say that it’s great for professional photographers on the go. Take almost all professional cameras of today. They USUALLY hook up with USB. Simply editing with photoshop or pixelmator on the Air would be nice, I think. :\

  3. irreverentmoose Says:

    The new macbook air …
    The new macbook air plays CSS at 50 fps ;)


  4. albinoblackrabbit Says:

    I would rather have …
    I would rather have one of these than a macbook air!

  5. Nefus2 Says:

    Awesome! And you …
    Awesome! And you really have a point, macbook air really deserved it´s name “Air” you can´t upgrade the ram, one usb-port and not able to take out the battery.

  6. YOUNGF0X Says:

    they should bring …
    they should bring it back with a $500 price point to take over the netbook market

  7. unholypally Says:

    nice vid
    nice vid

  8. MrDanybrown Says:

    i have the same …
    i have the same computer been using for over 4 years and its still working fine and dandy one of the best investments ever

  9. Bongburre Says:

    Lol At the …
    Lol At the beginning u can see that the paper is already broken

  10. teejayandrade Says:

    they really have to …
    they really have to bring back a 12” ! 13” although a notch higher just isnt as portable…

  11. Franatixx Says:

    getting mine in the …
    getting mine in the post on wednesday got it from amazon- £160 – 1.33 ghz, 1.2 GB ram, 20 GB HDD, 10.5.8

  12. LoveHateFashion Says:

    when people are …
    when people are going to understand that the macbook air was made for easy portability and internet only.. it was not made for gamers, photographers or people who may need 3,000 usb ports. that’s why they made the macbook pro.

  13. toberichmoe Says:

    why would they make …
    why would they make a macbook air if the new MBPs and macbooks are like not even an inch thin?

  14. MrTraboonius Says:

    its a macbook air …
    its a macbook air he is on about not a macbook pro

  15. hellokittyluvr13 Says:

    it just came out …
    it just came out last october it’s not that old haha ur saying no mac on the market has a replaceable battery?? mine along with the new new ones that came out this june or july have replaceable batteries

  16. joewillgo Says:

    You have the old …
    You have the old Macbook

  17. hellokittyluvr13 Says:

    4 ur info I have a …
    4 ur info I have a unibody macbook 13″ and I CAN take out and replace the battery myself : ) it is possible to remove it if u didnt know that lol

  18. chronotriggerfan Says:

    You do realize you …
    You do realize you just left out the most purchased Mac on the face of the planet, right?

  19. canadia7x Says:

    oh, well all I know …
    oh, well all I know is that apple tends to stretch the truth sometimes

  20. moddingfreak01 Says:

    wow u sir are …
    wow u sir are retarded, of course they can be replaced like wtf made u have that assumption? THE CLAMSHELL EVEN HAS A REMOUVABLE BATTERY

  21. boredkid32 Says:

    yeah thats why when …
    yeah thats why when i get a macbook later this year im getting a refurbished one from last year so i can replace the battery and be able to use it 3 years as my main computer, get another one, and still use it as a nice computer

  22. PowerGamerX Says:

    I love my PBG4 12″. …
    I love my PBG4 12″. It was made sometime late 2005 or early 2006. Its amazing, still looks, runs, and feels new. Gotta love the fact it has the optical drive though. I don’t like the Air that much.

  23. PaulAlbacheese Says:

    youre right in …
    youre right in everything else, but ive had my macbook pro (late 2008 model) in sleep mode for a day straight and it only lost 50% battery life

  24. fatimmortal Says:

    Macbook Pro Unibody …
    Macbook Pro Unibody doesn’t have a removable battery.

    That’s because it’s battery fills out almost all the empty space within the casing to maximize the size of the battery so that it can have a battery life of up to 7 hours on a single charge.

  25. joewillgo Says:

    And I’m sure you …
    And I’m sure you never heard of the iPhone 3gs. The new iPhone that can take video now!

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