powerbook g4 titanium

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Powerbook G4 titanium
Powerbook G4 Upgrade!?

Ok i have a Powerbook g4 titanium, with 256mb of ram and a 500mhz Powerpc G4 processor. I would really like to upgrade this processor but unfortunately it is integrated into the motherboard. I’m wondering if it would be possible to get a motherboard from another Powerbook that has a better processor and put it in mine.

Nope. Beyond RAM and HD, Laptops are just not meant to be upgradeable.

Now matter how much you love it, don’t drop another dime into that machine. It’s just not worth the effort if you’re going to try to use it for any modern tasks.

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Sunday, November 15th, 2009 at 10:21 am
Powerbook G4
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15 Responses to “powerbook g4 titanium”

  1. irulethe70s Says:

    make a video
    make a video

  2. irulethe70s Says:


  3. irulethe70s Says:

    obvisoly it is
    obvisoly it is

  4. lordofthespoons123 Says:

    no shit?
    no shit?

  5. meerkat006 Says:

    so beautifully …
    so beautifully old-school.
    looks like plastic, though

  6. big4wheeler Says:

    The intel is way …
    The intel is way newer buddy, it should be faster. Totally different processors, cant really compare.

  7. irulethe70s Says:

    mine can boot in 15 …
    mine can boot in 15-25 seconds to desktop from shutdon

  8. big4wheeler Says:

    I sure would hope …
    I sure would hope so, dumbass.

  9. irulethe70s Says:

    my intel mac is …
    my intel mac is better

  10. bathellfire Says:

    G4 15″ titaniums …
    G4 15″ titaniums now go on ebay for 200-300 dollars :)

  11. johanny220 Says:

    can u use internet
    can u use internet

  12. GrantBradleyMovies Says:

    No, dude, that’s …
    No, dude, that’s the ‘Sleep Light’.

  13. shupea18 Says:

    I desperatly need …
    I desperatly need your help. I’m right now restoring one. Okay, on the bottom of the monitor, in between the hinges, there is a white, round bar-like centerpiece. In the middle of that centerpiece is what looks like a really small rectangle of glass (immediatly below the “rB” in “PowerBook”). When you turn on the laptop, does that little rectangle light up?

  14. pimpstat1 Says:

    i like the aluminum …
    i like the aluminum one better

  15. tecnogadget2 Says:

    damm i love the …
    damm i love the powerbook g4 titanium , that thing was the best in his years!!!
    you are very lucky dude!

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