opening and boot up of powermac g4

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Powermac G4 opening
On a Mac G4 (Power PC, the white semi-hemi one) how do you open it up?

I have one of the semi-hemisphere white machines with flatscreen – a powermac 6.1. I got memory to add to it, but how do you open the damned thing? I understand it goes in the bottom, but I’ve never seen screws like that.

you have a user access plate that you remove using a philips screwdriver

hope this helps

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Friday, October 30th, 2009 at 6:16 am
G4 Computers
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7 Responses to “powermac G4 opening”

  1. 1alwayswin Says:

    sounds so wrong
    sounds so wrong

  2. teeangle Says:

    ya the camera is …
    ya the camera is kinda hard to hold still

  3. nannynicklife Says:

    my friend, where ur …
    my friend, where ur recording made me dizzy but u have very friendly persona. u made me laugh so hard i almost dropped my macbook off my lap but ur camera work is an earthquake in a merraka shakin by a toddler on a coffee trip falling down the stairs. i cant hate ya though, ur funny as hell. the way u talk, and react to ur falling camera is outragious. please more vids(on a tripod though)

  4. intelpentium5 Says:

    i like mac laptops …
    i like mac laptops but i like pc desktops

  5. Wigwahm Says:

    Yes, I used to do …
    Yes, I used to do tech support for Apple. The job really sucked. The Apple OS in general is awesome. I would like to own one, but it costs too much for what you get. I guess I just don’t see the value in spending the money because I can fix just about anything that goes wrong with a PC. My PCs are usually fine in general, but I think I have only had one or two problems with OSX. I just love to work on PCs.

  6. teeangle Says:

    that saddens me but …
    that saddens me but it would look cool… have you tried OS X

  7. Wigwahm Says:

    I’m a PC fanboy, …
    I’m a PC fanboy, but I love the case designs Apple comes out with. I want to maybe one day gutting a G4 case, and putting a PC into it.

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