So here it is! My Powermac G5 Case modding project so i can fit in my hackint0sh PC system! It was worth it! Enjoy…

Duration : 0:3:23

Powermac G5 Case Modding ATX Mobo + PC Parts = Hackintosh system!

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Tuesday, November 10th, 2009 at 10:45 pm
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13 Responses to “Powermac G5 Case Modding – ATX Mobo + PC Parts = Hackintosh system!”

  1. mathiasha Says:

    I was searching ” …
    I was searching “powermac g5″

  2. palamosteliaro Says:

    @mathiasha Don’t do …
    @mathiasha Don’t do it then… (i wonder how you fall into my video without searching something relevant)

  3. mathiasha Says:

    This project seems …
    This project seems meaningless to me

  4. bmw2go11 Says:

    Song please!!
    Song please!!

  5. Pitrakomac Says:

    Mod a G5 case is …
    Mod a G5 case is fun… You´ll try one time in your life!!!

    Nice work! Check it out the mine!


  6. SenoreQueso Says:

    Did you follow a …
    Did you follow a guide? Mind sending me a link or something?

    And how’s the performance with those distros? Is it as fast as it should be?

  7. palamosteliaro Says:

    Use ideneb 1.3 or …
    Use ideneb 1.3 or xxx_leo 10.5.6 boot with “-v -cpus=1 -busratio=20″ and install 9.4 kernel + ichx kext

  8. SenoreQueso Says:

    Cheers mate, looks …
    Cheers mate, looks brilliant! Mind telling me how you got OSX working on this board? I’m having a tough time with it. Did you boot retail, or use a distro? Thanks for the help!

  9. f1tzy0 Says:

    really cool but …
    really cool but wouldnt be easier if the psu was faced the other way?

  10. toberichmoe Says:

    woah this is the …
    woah this is the i’m gonna do this someday so i can have a good gaming rig and people will be like how can you run crysis on a G5
    lol little do they know

  11. MarkL1987 Says:

    ok thanks
    ok thanks

  12. palamosteliaro Says:


  13. MarkL1987 Says:

    Cool mod

    Where …
    Cool mod

    Where did you buy the case?

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