Take your busy life by the horns with a stylishly white Sony VAIO VGN-NW250F/T Notebook PC. Built with the expertise of Sony, this incredible system uses the proven Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB of memory and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 graphics to propel you to the forefront of innovation. Packed with features like CD/DVD burning, 320GB hard drive and included office software there are no limits to how far you will go. All this is taken to the next level as Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit enhances efficiency while expanding support for the latest software and hardware.

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Sony VAIO VGN NW250F/T Laptop
Graphics card Sony Vaio VGN-NW250F question?

I know this has been asked a million times, but would it be possible to swap out my ATI Radeon 4570 graphics card for something a little better? Or is the graphics card completely integrated, so it can’t be replaced?

I’ve done a Google search but can’t find an answer. Some say it can be swapped out, some say it can’t be, but they’re all talking about different models and graphics cards.

Let me make it clear to you, Laptop graphics cards cannot be changed . Period.
Anyone who tells you it can is retarded.

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Friday, October 23rd, 2009 at 9:52 pm
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25 Responses to “Sony VAIO VGN-NW250F/T Laptop”

  1. HEYOM Says:

    Pretty nice …
    Pretty nice notebook. However, it doesn’t have Blue-Ray Disc.

  2. militant123 Says:

    nope they very …
    nope they very recently puttin core i7 in them, been a week or two now :) ive got it and its very good! overclocks itself to 2.8ghz when it needs to so its doesnt waste battery!

  3. lewischappell Says:

    Alienware are 10 …
    Alienware are 10 grand, no thanks haha, i ment the size of the harddrive in total & im looking for a overall laptop with good specs.

  4. radicalgarbage02 Says:

    spelling fail
    spelling fail

  5. sparx151 Says:

    haha “this laptop …
    haha “this laptop does not contain stelth tech” haha

  6. angelxsid Says:

    There’s no such …
    There’s no such thing as harddrive memory. Do you mean on-board RAM on the graphic card?

    Check the normal OEM websites for a laptop, your specs aren’t hard to find. But gaming computers should always be desktops if you are a serious gamer. (Unless you get an Alienware :) )

  7. angelxsid Says:

    the only thing I’ve …
    the only thing I’ve never liked about VAIO’s is the keyboards like the ones in the video. I think my next laptop will be another VAIO. The one I’m currently using has lasted me for over 3 years, never broken. Very well built, defiantly worth it.
    (PS, Apple sod off. Apple stole that keyboard design from Sony.)

  8. lewischappell Says:

    Of harddrive memory.
    Of harddrive memory.

  9. IkePwnzU Says:

    256MB? What?
    256MB? What?

  10. lewischappell Says:

    Hey, i was …
    Hey, i was wondering if you could help me on choosing my laptop pc, im looking for around 3-4GB of RAM & more than 256MB of memory or around that, id like to find something with a good grahpics card also that wont lagg when im pc gaming

    if anything is like this or simerler please tell me the name so i can search it up because im trying to choose for for christmas.

    So if anyone knows of anything like this please PM me or comment on my channell.

    Thank-you for reading.

    - lewis.

  11. iamsuperchristian Says:


    I …

    I know a person with a vaio that has that keyboard which he got years before the macbook came out. It was Apple who copied that design from Sony Vaios

  12. szkud1 Says:

    looks cool
    looks cool

  13. vfthb098 Says:

    Haha stealth tech
    Haha stealth tech

  14. HenryGAD Says:

    stealth tech by …
    stealth tech by Sony :D

  15. aqa722 Says:

    Someday you could …
    Someday you could buy one haha

  16. 4ourTimber Says:

    Sony’s laptop looks …
    Sony’s laptop looks so nice =)

  17. crackshotandmoe34 Says:


  18. idoublep Says:

    alien ware better …
    alien ware better this thing not so

  19. giorgio1apple Says:

    LOL the stealth …
    LOL the stealth technology

  20. Babajazz Says:

    I meant for the …
    I meant for the older computers.

  21. dddaaannn360 Says:

    that keyboard …
    that keyboard reminds me of macbooks

  22. Zlyzer Says:

    Yayy, look at me …
    Yayy, look at me commenting on something I’ll never buy!

  23. str8maks Says:

    Sony owns Vaio
    Sony owns Vaio

  24. pcgamingman Says:

    I’m sorry if i’m …
    I’m sorry if i’m wronge but I didn’t think the dell studio laptops came with core i7, isn’t it just the alienware products that come with that?

  25. osamaFXX Says:

    Ya,,, and i like …
    Ya,,, and i like his glasses make him more geeky !!!

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