Toshiba Qosmio Laptop Model G55-802 Review

Here’s another review on this unit:
(special thanks to afgkingl for the post)

Here are the links that I know of that sell this unit:
**UPDATE** Nobody sells this unit – I have no idea why they suddenly stopped selling them… Toshiba came out with similar models.

I bought my unit from:

Computers4sure sold me this laptop and they were an awesome company to deal with. Great commun, quick ship.

Here are the Detailed Specs:

Special thanks to Mikke9595 for the link :)

Special thanks to NEEDFORSPEEDGAMEPLAY for the link :)

Duration : 0:10:23

Toshiba Qosmio Laptop Review
Which laptop is better?

I need to buy a new laptop, and i would like it to be safe and effective to play heavy video games on it.
1-Hp G 60

2- Toshiba Qosmio

Toshibas aren’t reliable. The HP G60 is available on amazon for $559 after rebate on amazon right now:

…better price and quality notebook.

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Tuesday, November 10th, 2009 at 10:45 pm
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25 Responses to “Toshiba Qosmio Laptop Review”

  1. Dragonnightx Says:

    very nice laptop :D
    very nice laptop :D

  2. 966584555 Says:

    Big Mama FY
    Big Mama FY

  3. unlockthepower Says:

    For the price this …
    For the price this really should come with Blu Ray

  4. mrapplefries Says:

    chubby chicken is a …
    chubby chicken is a retard . toshiba is a really goog brand ass

  5. onethatactuallyexist Says:


  6. TellsHowItIs Says:


  7. TellsHowItIs Says:

    wat u on? u dnt kno …
    wat u on? u dnt kno wat ur talking about

  8. ScottRayne Says:

    My wife says I’m …
    My wife says I’m not allowed. :(

  9. jewishWHEREWOLF Says:

    dude get some girls
    dude get some girls

  10. freelaptop1234 Says:

    hey ,

    I got a …
    hey ,

    I got a free Dell XPS M1530 laptop from here and just wanted to let you know that you too can get it ..Get your Own DELL laptop For free Now!! Only for US Peoples.


  11. chubbychicken1234567 Says:

    pc’s are so crap …
    pc’s are so crap cant you afford apple or alienware man cheapskates

  12. Tylerdude70 Says:

    this is the laptop …
    this is the laptop i have its so fast

  13. FreeTechMind Says:

    Nice review this is …
    Nice review this is very informitve and i am looking for an 18′4 but i am looking at the aspire but this is relly nice

  14. ScottRayne Says:

    Um… thanks?
    Um… thanks?

  15. ScottRayne Says:

    Thank you for the …
    Thank you for the comment (the depth was amazing). If you’re gonna bother to leave comments, then you should maybe say why you like or don’t like something. You sound like the kind of guy who would buy a Mac and then run windows on it (lol).

  16. yojmd61 Says:

    piece of shit
    piece of shit

  17. sabrano0 Says:

    Hi thats a good …
    Hi thats a good model you have. Ive just made a close up review of the TOSHIBA P500/024 go check it out.

  18. watchingher86 Says:

    Vista.. =/
    Vista.. =/

  19. ronniemcrea133 Says:

    i like large screen …
    i like large screen but.. this laptop is too rectangular and al graphics will be stretched acrossed the screen

  20. GeforcerFX Says:

    install your …
    install your printers vista drivers then plug in theprinter you should b set

  21. SlashBlastMichael Says:

    my mom has that acer
    my mom has that acer

  22. EverythingFails Says:

    I put up with a …
    I put up with a crappy computer that I’ve had since 2003 and up until now it has no problems whatsoever. But I thought it was time to upgrade so I blew £1k on an awesome 20″ gaming Laptop today. They’re so much better than desktops xP

  23. fingerskater520 Says:

    you look like hitler
    you look like hitler

  24. bamfreak246owns Says:

    toshibas will rule …
    toshibas will rule the world!

  25. magyarR34 Says:

    i have the P500 …
    i have the P500 with a centrino 2 quad core, 1tb HD, 4 gig ram upradable to 8 and 1 gig ati 4650, illuminated keyboard a nice extra :)

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